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audiophile's Journal

Audio Enthusiast
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The Audiophile Community is dedicated to people who love electronics, specifically two channel audio and home theater. Come here to discuss your gear, ask questions, sell equipment, rant about the industry, and hook up with your fellow cool LJ audio geeks. Also welcome are music lovers, rave/dynamic recordings, home theater geeks, and anything else under the electronic sun.

RECENT NOTE: Let's face it, posts here are few and far between. We welcome all posters who want to discuss the audio world, but off topic posts are not tolerated and will be deleted. This is not a bulletin board, UNLESS you are advertising something audio related. Thanks, and keep it real.

Oh and your mod is theamazingjosh who never checks that yahoo e-mail for months at a time until they shut it down for being inactive. So if someone were to actually have a question or need something, contact info is on his journal.