Claudio (claudioe1) wrote in audiophile,

New cans

Did anyone catch the review in January's issue of Stereophile for the Phiaton MS 400?  They retail for about $250, Amazon has them for $200 with a $100 off coupon when subscribing to Audible for a year, and so I couldn't resist and I bit.

Phiaton MS400

I must admit, they are pretty.  The sound is very rich and perhaps too rich for some.  Having recently moved from Shure IEMs, I found the  presentation of the Phaitons to be very forward.  I am not sure if that's an issue that's common to cans versus in-ear monitors.

My main rig, which consists of Naim 5 series gear (CD5, Nait 5, Flatcap 2) and B&W 804s, is much more analytical.  I am not used to such a forward presentation but I decided to give them a 30 day test drive.

I'll leave them breaking in overnight and I'll report back soon.
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